Our Services

After the Stork’s postpartum care is customized for each specific family. Our doulas will provide care that fits you, and your baby’s unique needs. 

Both daytime and nighttime support are available and include: 

  • newborn care and guidance (bathing, swaddling, diapering, etc.)

  • breastfeeding and bottle feeding support

  • help understanding newborn sleep patterns and promoting good sleep habits early on

  • care for baby while mom catches up on sleep, runs errands, eats a meal, etc. 

  • help establish a good schedule/routine for both you and baby 

  • emotional support for mom though all postpartum changes 

  • trouble shooting – After The Stork evaluates your baby’s crying and finds solutions

  • assistance reading baby’s cues and needs 

  • help in the care of siblings 
  • answering any parenting questions

Nighttime, and getting a good night’s sleep, is typically one of the most challenging parts about bringing home baby. Because of this, overnight help is often the most desired in the first few weeks/months after birth.

Overnight care may also include the following:

  • when baby gets up throughout the night the doula can either bring baby into mom’s room for feeding, or get mom up to come feed baby 

  • once milk is well-established (if breastfeeding) the mom may want to pump at night and have the doula bottle feed the baby during night wakings in order for mom to get more sleep

  • night diapering, burping, and getting baby back to sleep is done by the doula to help mom maximize sleep

  • long term clients: your doula can guide you through sleep training baby at an appropriate age using research-based techniques 

Having multiples adds a unique challenge to the newborn period. Most of our After the Stork Doulas have extensive experience working with families with multiples. We have worked with numerous sets of twins, several triplets, and even one set of quads! Having an extra set of hands is even more crucial for new families of multiples. 

We also offer a two hour tutorial for first time moms. If you are wondering about what you will need to purchase for your new baby, what brands that are most useful, or how many of certain items you’ll need, then call for our tutorial. If you would like to talk about breastfeeding, bottle feeding, pumping and equipment, we can help. If you would like to talk about dealing with lack of sleep, schedules, getting the baby to sleep well, etc., please call. We will send one of our very experienced doulas to help answer your questions and make you feel more prepared and less anxious.