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Why After The Stork?

Bringing baby home is one of the happiest and most exciting times in life, but it can also be extremely overwhelming and full of questions. After the Stork offers both day and overnight support to families in order to ensure a smooth transition into parenthood and life at home with a newborn. While in your home, our doulas are there as a source of encouragement and knowledge through all of the changes and uncertainty that will arise as you take on this new role. Whether it’s your first or third baby, routines will change, sleep will be sacrificed, and mom will be recovering from childbirth. After the Stork specializes in working with families for these first few days, weeks, or even months at home with baby, and will assist in any way we can so that you feel confident and empowered as a new parent and can truly enjoy the precious new addition to your family!

Our Services

Postpartum Care

Embrace the postpartum period with confidence and comfort through our dedicated postpartum support services at After the Stork. Our experienced doulas provide compassionate assistance during those crucial early days and weeks, offering expert guidance on postpartum recovery, breastfeeding, and newborn care.

Welcome the newest member of your family with the gentle and knowledgeable care of After the Stork’s newborn care services. Our specialized team is dedicated to nurturing the unique needs of your precious bundle, providing assistance with feeding, diapering, soothing techniques, and establishing healthy sleep patterns.

Create a nurturing and organized space for your growing family with After the Stork’s nesting care services. Our doulas go beyond routine tasks, providing invaluable assistance in setting up a comforting and efficient home environment for the arrival of your baby.

Establish healthy sleep habits for both baby and parents with After the Stork’s expert sleep training services. Our doulas understand the importance of restful nights for the well-being of the entire family.


How it Works

At After the Stork, our process is designed to make your transition into parenthood seamless and stress-free.

01.  Consultation Call

02.  Match With Your Doula

03.  Nesting Consultation

04.  The Big Day

05.  After The Stork

06.  We Follow Your Progress


What Clients Say About Us

Discover the heartwarming stories of families who have benefited from After the Stork’s support. Our testimonials highlight the personalized care, expert guidance, and transformative experiences that define our commitment to making the early parenting journey joyful and stress-free. Read about newfound confidence, cherished moments, and the invaluable assistance our compassionate doulas provide to families during this special chapter of life.

Drew and Jen Waterhouse

We had the pleasure of working with After the Stork with all three of our children. Our doulas and Sandy, the owner, were nothing short of amazing.  They brought a wealth of knowledge, experience, and love into our home. Our doulas were well-trained, professional, and so loving with each of our babies. We could not have survived those early months without all of their help!

Kira Ulmer

Sandy, and team at After the Stork, are some of the most professional yet passionate people I have ever met. I had 2 caregivers in my home and immediately felt at ease with them. They not only helped me to understand my daughters sleeping behaviors but also gave me peace of mind in this new stage of my life. I would, and have, given referrals to any mother looking for help. I am so blessed to have found such a caring and wonderful group of woman. Thank you After the Stork for being such a big part of me succeeding as a mother. 

Lindsay Welch

Our doula was amazing. We miss her dearly. She was like our fairy godmother. She was so loving and helpful. She also instilled great confidence in me as a mother and eased my worries. Thanks for everything!


We were so beyond thrilled with the night doula care we received from ATS!  And have referred multiple friends to ATS as a result.  My two doulas were absolutely incredible.  They provided our family with emotional and physical support, as well as the security and confidence to navigate the newborn stage.  The positivity and calm that they brought to our household reinforced that our decision to hire ATS was a perfect one!

Nicle Bhathal

The doulas were always on time. They were very supportive and brought their own ideas and equipment to help us when necessary. They were flexible. We felt very secure having them near as this was our first child – so we never worried. Our boy has developed the correct sleeping patterns due to starting correctly with the doulas. He is very happy by nature. He is used to multiple people caring for him too, which we feel is a huge benefit. We would highly recommend After the Stork to anyone.

Kelly E.

My doula was wonderful! She was very helpful in providing tips and her advice regarding my baby’s issue with reflux and intolerance was very helpful. She is very loving and caring. I would highly recommend After the Stork.


Each doula who came was absolutely professional, knowledgeable, and very sweet. Thank you!

Victoria Smith
Victoria Smith
I was recommended to try After The Stork for their night doulas with my first baby. Sheryl was my main point of contact and she was extremely supportive and knowledgeable throughout the whole process. Being that this was our first baby, we had no idea what to expect. Sheryl did an amazing job connecting us with our two night doulas, Becky and Seemly, who have been helping us since we brought our baby home from the hospital. Sheryl and After The Stork have been extremely accommodating with us. After learning I’d need a c section, Sheryl helped find more coverage for us and made it happen on short notice. Becky and Seemly have taken such great care of our baby overnight. We have been so impressed with how helpful and knowledgeable they both have been. As a new mom, I felt anxious about having someone care for my new baby overnight but both Seemly and Becky have made us feel so comfortable! They go above and beyond to care for both baby and mom during those first few weeks of recovery. My husband and I both don’t know how we would have done it without them! We’ve learned so much and have been able to get good rest overnight. 10/10 will be using After The Stork with my next baby and highly recommend them!
Amanda Deering White
Amanda Deering White
We just finished a 3 day sleep training session with Aimee. I was hesitant to use this service at first because I didn’t really “get it.” My spouse has to talk me into it. However, I’m glad we found them. Aimee walked us through everything and really helped us figure out the tricks to get our son sleeping through the night. By the end, he was asleep at night within minutes - and no tears! Thank you, Aimee!!

Covid 19 Precautions

At After the Stork, the health and safety of our clients and doulas are our top priority. After The Stork and all the doulas will err on the side of caution when it comes to sickness. We will adhere to recommended guidelines, to ensure a safe environment for the families we support.

We are taking the following precautions in light of COVID-19:

  • Showering right before going to work

  • Wearing clothes that are freshly laundered

  • Washing hands frequently while working